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Dobrojazz Ediția a III-a 2016

Emil BizgaEmil Bîzgă Quartet
Emil Bîzgă / trompeta
Catalin Milea / clarinet bas
Marius Vernescu / pian
Adi Tetrade / tobe




Nicolas Simion Quartet

Nicolas Simion – saxofon
Adi Stoenescu – pian
Martin Gjakonovski – contrabas
Silvio Morger – baterie




Jazzta Prasta Martin Lubenov Trio

Martin Lubenov – acordeon
Angel Demirev – chitara
Mihail Ivanov – contrabas




Stéphane Tsapis Trio

Stéphane Tsapis – pian
Marc Buronfosse – bas
Clément Cliquet – tobe